Industry Exchange | Researcher An Guangyong Invited by the National Information Center for Special Exchange on South Korea’s MyData and Data Economy

On the afternoon of September 28, 2023, at the invitation of the National Information Center, Researcher An Guangyong, an expert from the Credit Management Professional Committee of the All-China Mergers and Acquisitions Association, visited the Public Technical Service Department of the National Information Center to share and exchange views on the development trends of data economy, particularly South Korea’s MyData.

Researcher An Guangyong shared the latest trends and development directions of MyData worldwide through comprehensive horizontal and vertical comparisons. He analyzed the achievements of South Korea’s MyData on a global scale from various perspectives such as geographical location, culture, and history. He then introduced specific successful cases of South Korea’s MyData, spanning various sectors including finance, healthcare, and education. These practical cases provided tangible references for the digital economy, demonstrating the achievements and benefits of MyData in practical applications in South Korea.

Attendees showed strong interest in the architecture, regulatory mechanisms, and related licenses of MyData. They discussed how the government can ensure the security and compliance of MyData, as well as how related industries can obtain necessary permits and certifications.

Both parties plan to continue exchanging and cooperating in the next step, researching how MyData can be implemented in China and its macroeconomic effects, such as its contribution to GDP growth and employment rates.

As a Korean returnee expert in credit and data, An Guangyong and his team have been closely tracking and researching the trends of the South Korean MyData industry since 2019. They have also shown concern for the digital economy and AI development in South Korea, conducting multiple research trips to South Korea in 2023 to investigate MyData regulations and the industry.

An Guangyong’s team regularly updates the latest MyData developments in the electronic journals “Data Economy Review” and “Global Credit Technology Dynamics,” and publishes related research reports. They have also published several MyData-themed articles in “Credit” and “Tsinghua Financial Review.” Some references to their research include:

Expert Opinion | Innovation Direction of Personal Credit Industry—South Korea’s MyData Industry and Credit Applications, “Credit,” 2023.

New Business Model of Personal Financial Data—Taking South Korea’s MyData as an Example, Tsinghua Financial Review, 2023(04).

Challenges and Responses to Personal Information Protection under the Digital Economy—New Approaches Based on Personal Data Management, Tsinghua Financial Review, 2021, Issue 3.

Summary of MyData Seminar | Exploring New Directions for China’s Personal Data Industry.

Personal Data Industry | Current Situation of Public MyData in South Korea.

Researcher An Guangyong’s team plans to collaborate with a well-known domestic publishing house to release a monograph on the South Korean MyData model at the end of this year or the beginning of next year. The monograph will elaborate on the development of the industry and its implications for the global data industry and the construction of China’s data element market. Please stay tuned for updates.

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