Our Expert Team

Our Expert Team

Chairman: Dr Li Juhe

Executive Deputy Secretary-General, China Mergers & Acquisitions Association

Former Deputy Director, Finance Department, the National Development and Reform Commission

Former Vice Chairman of the CITIC China Fund and Former Chairman, CSC Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Vice Chairmen

-Han Jiaping (Director, the Institute of Credit, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce; Chairman, Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of the CATIS)

-Chen Zhongyang (Professor, School of Finance, Renmin University of China; a well-known financial risk expert)

-Liu Xinhai (Executive Deputy Chairman. Researcher, Institute of Financial Intelligence, Peking University; Former Associate Researcher, Credit Reference Centre, the People’s Bank of China)

-Yang Xi (Chief Planner, Lianrun Credit; Consultant, Dun & Bradstreet China; Senior Credit Management Expert)

-Han Xiaoliang (Partner, Shang Finance)

PCCM Expertise Groups

-Business Credit Group

-Capital Market Credit Risk Group

-Personal (small and micro enterprises) Credit Group

-Credit Risk Quantitative Analysis Group

-Big Data and Fintech Group

-Credit Law Group

-Social Credit Group

–Oversea Credit Group (in preparation)