Expert Consultant

Expert Consultant

-Enrico Lodi (President, the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS); Board Member, the Business Information Industry Association (BIIA))

-Kathy Yuan (Professor, Department of Finance, London School of Economics and Political Science, expert in asset evaluation)

-Lai Jinchang (Internationally renowned credit information expert)

-Xu Lin (Chairman, US-China Green Fund; former Director of the Finance Department and the Development and Planning Department, the National Development and Reform Commission)

-Li Ming (Expert, Beijing Institute of Big Data Research; former consultant, Credit Reference Centre, the People’s Bank of China)

-Lin Junyue (Director, Credit Academic Committee of Chinese Association of Market Development)

– Wu Jingmei (Professor, Renmin University of China)

-Zhang Zheng (Dean, School of Continuing Education, Peking University; former Party Secretary, School of Economics)

-Guo Jinlong (Researcher, the Institute of Finance, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;Vice President, the Insurance Society of China)

-Li Xianglin (Vice President, China Academy of Financial Research; a world-renowned credit risk expert)