Recent Activities

Recent Activities


-Automatic quantitative trading in the capital market

-Credit scoring in the capital market

Research Papers

Processing of Credit Data in the Pandemic, Chinese version, in collaboration with the World Bank,

Impact on Credit System and Response in Pandemic in the US

Industry Credit Research

-Carried out research on industry credit, such as the real estate industry, charity etc.

Construction of Credit Information System

-Research projects on overseas credit sharing mechanism, commissioned by the Foreign Fund Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and funded by the World Bank

International Exchanges

-Discussed with the European Chamber of Commerce regarding cooperation in commercial credit

-Applied to be a member of the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers

Fintech and Personal Information Protection

-Published Credit Report and Block Chain, a research paper, which was included by the Credit Report, a key Chinese journal

The Collection of World Credit Report Legislations,published by the China Finance Publishing House

Industry Research

-Launched domestic and foreign credit management industry research reports, taking advantage of our members’ abundant resources. (Currently planning on industry research reports on credit insurance, corporate credit reporting and commercial account management)

Public Lectures on Corporate Credit Risks

-Held multiple forums and trainings, and multiple public lectures on corporate credit risks during the pandemic, in collaboration with the Xinhua News Agency, Shandong Provincial Credit Association, and reputable international credit reporting agencies.

Observation of International Credit Reporting during the Pandemic

-Non-scheduled update of E-journal International Credit Reporting Observation and Corporate Credit and Risk Management