-In order to promote the linkage amongst industry, academia and research, and to strengthen research exchanges and cooperation in the field of credit management, the China Mergers and Acquisitions Association (CMAA) established a Credit Management Professional Committee, under the guidance and support of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

-The Professional Committee of Credit Management (PCCM), China Mergers & Acquisitions Association (CMAA), hereinafter referred to as the PCCM, is a non-profit professional academic research institute initiated and established by the CMAA.

-The China Mergers and Acquisitions Association (also known as the All-China Federation Mergers and Acquisitions Association) is an industry chamber of commerce approved by the State Council and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The CMAA is affiliated with the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and it is the only industry association affiliated that is of a financial attribute. CMAA’s administrator and members all have strong teams of experts with profound knowledge, as well as experienced operations teams, in both theoretical research and practical operation of credit management.

Our Value and Positioning

-Building a credit management R&D and services community with the strongest professional strength in China

-Gathering the expertise from industry, academia and research, playing the role of a professional think tank

-Nurturing talents, and incubating projects and technologies relevant to credit management

-Facilitating constructive commercial and professional interactions, and guiding the healthy development of the industry

-Promoting cross-border credit management cooperation, and building international exchanges platforms