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Organisational Structure

Organisational Structure

-The PCCM is comprised of individual members and institutional members. The PCCM has an administrative committee and supervisors. There is a liaison office, which is responsible for event management, and is the point of contact for our experts. PCCM’s day-to-day works are carried out by its Chairman, Vice Chairmen and the liaison office.

-Our members are categorised into different groups:

Business Credit Group

Capital Market Credit Risk Group

Personal (small and micro enterprises) Credit Group

Credit Risk Quantitative Analysis Group

Big Data and Fintech Group

Credit Law Group

Social Credit Group

The PCCM’s advisory members and expert consultants play the guiding role.   

Recent Activities

Recent Activities


-Automatic quantitative trading in the capital market

-Credit scoring in the capital market

Research Papers

Processing of Credit Data in the Pandemic, Chinese version, in collaboration with the World Bank,

Impact on Credit System and Response in Pandemic in the US

Industry Credit Research

-Carried out research on industry credit, such as the real estate industry, charity etc.

Construction of Credit Information System

-Research projects on overseas credit sharing mechanism, commissioned by the Foreign Fund Department, the National Development and Reform Commission, and funded by the World Bank

International Exchanges

-Discussed with the European Chamber of Commerce regarding cooperation in commercial credit

-Applied to be a member of the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers

Fintech and Personal Information Protection

-Published Credit Report and Block Chain, a research paper, which was included by the Credit Report, a key Chinese journal

The Collection of World Credit Report Legislations,published by the China Finance Publishing House

Industry Research

-Launched domestic and foreign credit management industry research reports, taking advantage of our members’ abundant resources. (Currently planning on industry research reports on credit insurance, corporate credit reporting and commercial account management)

Public Lectures on Corporate Credit Risks

-Held multiple forums and trainings, and multiple public lectures on corporate credit risks during the pandemic, in collaboration with the Xinhua News Agency, Shandong Provincial Credit Association, and reputable international credit reporting agencies.

Observation of International Credit Reporting during the Pandemic

-Non-scheduled update of E-journal International Credit Reporting Observation and Corporate Credit and Risk Management

What We Do

What We Do

(1) Undertake relevant studies and provide consulting services to the industry

(2) Conduct industry research and issue authoritative research reports

(3) Put forward policy suggestions through relevant channels such as the Federation of Industry and Commerce

(4) Design academic and professional research awards systems

(5) Carry out academic and professional activities, hold seminars, closed-door discussions and other forms of academic activities

(6) Run professional trainings on credit management, based on the expertise of our members

(7) Carry out various forms of international exchange and cooperation

(8) Organise industries, regions and enterprises to jointly develop credit management products and incubate projects

Our Institutional Members

Our Institutional Members

Our institutional members include reputable credit agencies, corporate big data companies, leading fin-tech companies and multi-national financial institutions, such as

-CRIF (Shanghai) Business Information Service Co. Ltd (a global credit agency, headquartered in Italy)

-Atradius Corporate Management Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. (a global credit insurance company)

Our Expert Team

Our Expert Team

Chairman: Dr Li Juhe

Executive Deputy Secretary-General, China Mergers & Acquisitions Association

Former Deputy Director, Finance Department, the National Development and Reform Commission

Former Vice Chairman of the CITIC China Fund and Former Chairman, CSC Asset Management Co. Ltd.

Vice Chairmen

-Han Jiaping (Director, the Institute of Credit, Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation, Ministry of Commerce; Chairman, Commercial Factoring Expertise Committee of the CATIS)

-Chen Zhongyang (Professor, School of Finance, Renmin University of China; a well-known financial risk expert)

-Liu Xinhai (Executive Deputy Chairman. Researcher, Institute of Financial Intelligence, Peking University; Former Associate Researcher, Credit Reference Centre, the People’s Bank of China)

-Yang Xi (Chief Planner, Lianrun Credit; Consultant, Dun & Bradstreet China; Senior Credit Management Expert)

-Han Xiaoliang (Partner, Shang Finance)

PCCM Expertise Groups

-Business Credit Group

-Capital Market Credit Risk Group

-Personal (small and micro enterprises) Credit Group

-Credit Risk Quantitative Analysis Group

-Big Data and Fintech Group

-Credit Law Group

-Social Credit Group

–Oversea Credit Group (in preparation)

Expert Consultant

Expert Consultant

-Enrico Lodi (President, the Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS); Board Member, the Business Information Industry Association (BIIA))

-Kathy Yuan (Professor, Department of Finance, London School of Economics and Political Science, expert in asset evaluation)

-Lai Jinchang (Internationally renowned credit information expert)

-Xu Lin (Chairman, US-China Green Fund; former Director of the Finance Department and the Development and Planning Department, the National Development and Reform Commission)

-Li Ming (Expert, Beijing Institute of Big Data Research; former consultant, Credit Reference Centre, the People’s Bank of China)

-Lin Junyue (Director, Credit Academic Committee of Chinese Association of Market Development)

– Wu Jingmei (Professor, Renmin University of China)

-Zhang Zheng (Dean, School of Continuing Education, Peking University; former Party Secretary, School of Economics)

-Guo Jinlong (Researcher, the Institute of Finance, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences;Vice President, the Insurance Society of China)

-Li Xianglin (Vice President, China Academy of Financial Research; a world-renowned credit risk expert)

Our Members

Our Experts

-More than 2/3 of the first 60 expert members have a doctorate degree, and over 1/2 have studied or worked overseas.

-All our experts are well-known experts in credit related fields at home and abroad including the United States, Europe, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and other regions.

-Have a certain influence in the industry. Some of our experts worked at the People’s Bank of China as Post-doctoral fellows on credit reporting.

-Some of our experts come from first-class credit reporting agencies. Some experts come from relevant government ministries and agencies.

-Our experts are entitled to participate in all projects, activities and studies organised by the PCCM.



-In order to promote the linkage amongst industry, academia and research, and to strengthen research exchanges and cooperation in the field of credit management, the China Mergers and Acquisitions Association (CMAA) established a Credit Management Professional Committee, under the guidance and support of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce.

-The Professional Committee of Credit Management (PCCM), China Mergers & Acquisitions Association (CMAA), hereinafter referred to as the PCCM, is a non-profit professional academic research institute initiated and established by the CMAA.

-The China Mergers and Acquisitions Association (also known as the All-China Federation Mergers and Acquisitions Association) is an industry chamber of commerce approved by the State Council and the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The CMAA is affiliated with the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, and it is the only industry association affiliated that is of a financial attribute. CMAA’s administrator and members all have strong teams of experts with profound knowledge, as well as experienced operations teams, in both theoretical research and practical operation of credit management.

Our Value and Positioning

-Building a credit management R&D and services community with the strongest professional strength in China

-Gathering the expertise from industry, academia and research, playing the role of a professional think tank

-Nurturing talents, and incubating projects and technologies relevant to credit management

-Facilitating constructive commercial and professional interactions, and guiding the healthy development of the industry

-Promoting cross-border credit management cooperation, and building international exchanges platforms