Alliance of Yangtze River Delta (Business) Credit Reporting Agencies Established

Published at 10:05 on 15 June 2020, by the Financial News (Chinese)

The Alliance of Yangtze River Delta Business Credit Reporting Agencies was established recently, signalling important progress achieved with the construction of credit reporting system in the Yangtze River Delta.

The Alliance of Yangtze River Delta Business Credit Reporting Agencies is under the leadership of the PBoC headquarter, its branches in three provinces (Anhui, Jiangsu and Zhejiang), as well as one municipal city (Shanghai) in the Yangtze river delta region.

Six relevant companies launched the Alliance, including Shanghai Shengteng Science and Technology Co., Ltd. (Qixinbao,, Jiangsu Provincial Joint Credit Reporting Co., Ltd. (, Suzhou Enterprise Credit Service Co. Ltd.(, Hangzhou Credit Reporting Co. Ltd.(No official website available), Zhejiang Huixin Science and Technology Co., Ltd.(, and Anhui Credit Reporting Co., Ltd. ( [Some of the six companies have strong connections with major state–owned enterprises (SOE)]

The Alliance vows to be market-led, open and sharing, equal and mutually beneficial, and self-disciplined. It aims to explore and promote cross-regional development, utilization and allocation of credit information. 

In order to ‘improve the cross-regional credit information sharing mechanism, and facilitate industry coordinated development’, the Alliance will optimize the credit environment in the Yangtze river delta region, alleviate information asymmetry, and enhance the level of financial services in the Yangtze river delta region. 

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